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Weekly Newsletter at Kennedy House International School from the Headmistress, Term 1, Week 3, 2021

Dear Parents

Kennedy House School in Usa River, continues to get better and better. I had the privilege of having some time with our Reception children this week, and what delightful young boys and girls they are – they are happy, humorous, energetic and always so interested and willing to learn!

School Collection Times

Please ensure children are collected on time. We regularly have children waiting outside of the office and we will be tightening up on the rules on late collections if the office has not been notified that you are running late.

Lost Property

Please double check that your children’s belongings are clearly labeled and that you also check that your child is not bringing home items that belong to other children that are marked by mistake. Our Lost Property box outside of the office is overflowing with unmarked items (and lots of water bottles) and yet many children are missing items that were clearly marked. Please kindly assist with this.

Illness at school

Please kindly ensure that you notify the school when your child is sick and misses school. We appreciate that you are all busy; but it is important that we know when your child will not be at school. In the current situation it is also very important that we know what symptoms your child has. Thank you for your co-operation.


We are considering some additional Tanzanian charitable organizations to support within our school community fundraising efforts this year and so if anyone has an projects near Usa River that we can support please kindly contact me so that we can look into various options. We would like to consider charities in the Arusha region where our children can visit/see/be a part of any projects that we support.

Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro Mosaic artwork
Beautiful mosaic of Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro at Kennedy House.

Display board of our literacy learning at Kennedy House Prep School Arusha
Learning Literacy display board at Kennedy House in international School

Art work display at Kennedy House International School Arusha
Portraits by our Kennedy House School art Students


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