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We believe that school meals should be an enjoyable time. Our philosophy is to help children toward a good diet by providing an attractive and varied range of wholesome, homecooked food.   


Our school meals and snacks are prepared on-site in our school kitchen and are made fresh for service every day. At Kennedy House we believe in using locally sourced fresh ingredients.  To that end, we have a school garden where many of the vegetables we eat are grown all year-round.  If you pay us a visit then you might even be lucky enough to try our homemade mango juice which uses fruit from our own mango trees!


Our aim each year is to create a delicious series of menus which are seasonal, healthy, balanced and nutritious.  Should any child choose not to eat from our school menu  then they can bring their own food from home.

Healthy Salad Kennedy House School lunch menu Tanzania
Fresh Chicken Salad
Crate of Fresh Fruit
Freshy Sliced Pizza
Crate of Vegetables
Pasta Primavera
Mixed Greens
Cherry Tomatos

We are constantly reviewing practice to bring an even healthier menu to your children. With recent involvement of our PTG, we redesigned our snack menu with a view to lower levels of salt and sugar.  Vegetarian meals are now offered daily and have proved to be very popular. 

Click on the link to view the current Menu rotations for Term 3 (Apr 2024 - Jun 2024):

Term 3 Menus

Kennedy House primary international School lunch time Tanzania
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