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Communication is very important to us at Kennedy House. We want you, as parents, to feel part of our school family: to know how your child is progressing and what is happening at school. We also want to hear from you: any concerns or suggestions you may have, as well as offers to join or organise events with us.

On the formal side, you will receive regular comprehensive reports and twice-termly grade cards for your child; and we have several parent teacher  meetings throughout the year. Internal and external exam grades are also reported to parents.


Kennedy House Camping trip near Usa River Tanzania

Teachers are always on the end of email and will respond quickly to your communication. If you would like to communicate a little less formally then we operate a very 'open door' policy and you can always catch teachers at the start or end of the day.


You can also find us on a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. On our Facebook and Instagram pages where you will find fun and engaging stories as well as photos of events happening around the school. And remember - our open-door policy means that you can drop in to see the Head of School, Mrs. Charters, at any time during the school day.  As we say here in Tanzania, 'karibu'!

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