Key Stage 3 Teachers


Mr. Jonny Pollard, Year 7/8 class Teacher; History and English Specialist Teacher

Mrs. Emma Rottcher, Geography and P.S.H.E. Teacher

Mr. Bryan Davidson, Science and P.E. Teacher

Mr. Petrie Maree; Year 6 Class Teacher, Mathematics and ICT Specialist Teacher


The next step...

Cambridge Lower Secondary is typically for learners aged 11 to 14 years. Schools can shape the programme around how they want their students to learn, developing young learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. The programme provides a natural progression for children from primary education and prepares them for post-14 education programmes that lead to formal qualifications.

Cambridge Lower Secondary develops skills in thirteen subjects including English, Mathematics and Science. It is designed to help schools deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that suits their context, culture and ethos.

The curriculum sets clear learning objectives and focuses on developing knowledge and skills in all subjects, providing excellent foundations for the next stage of education. The programme is flexible, so schools can offer any combination of the subjects available.

At Kennedy House we have recently introduced Global Perspectives as an additional subject. The programme develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. It strengthens the links across English as a first or second language, mathematics, science and ICT Starters. 


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