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Kennedy House is a welcoming, safe and happy school where children are nurtured and challenged by a modern, relevant and adaptive curriculum. In partnership with parents we are committed to developing children who are life-long learners, are characterised by their discipline, integrity, creativity and compassion.

We give each child wide-ranging opportunities to excel, succeed and develop their confidence while celebrating their achievements along the way.

We expect our pupils to understand, contribute to, and thrive in today’s society by providing a holistic education which will allow them to develop socially, academically, physically and emotionally.

The school community and its wider context in Tanzania are essential aspects to the children’s education and our pupils and staff celebrate diversity.


We aim to:

  • encourage a child’s genuine love of learning in both work and play

  • provide an enhanced curriculum supported by an extensive extra-curricular programme that enriches the whole child

  • provide a secure, disciplined, caring and friendly environment in which children are able to grow, prosper and excel

  • create a tolerant, welcoming, multi-cultural community in which both differences and individuality are respected

  • recognize the importance of collaboration and communication amongst all Kennedy House pupils, staff and parents

  • develop in all of our pupils those characteristics that will equip them for the complex challenges of the modern world

  • prepare pupils to contribute as adults to the community in which they live


Our vision is of a school that prepares children for a rapidly changing world, where qualifications will not be the only criteria for success.

Kennedy House pupils will be tomorrow’s pioneers and they will need a diverse set of skills and characteristics to succeed. They will be respectful, compassionate, resilient and aspirational. We want them to be independent, cooperative, adaptable and full of confidence in the manner in which they communicate with others. Above all, our pupils will have a ‘growth mind-set’ that allows them to turn challenges and setbacks into springboards and opportunities.

Our forward-thinking school will attract outstanding teachers from around the world who will inspire our pupils through excitement and challenge. We will invest in supporting and developing their careers.

Parents will be actively involved in their children’s education and will support the school in achieving its aims. Parents will feel welcome in school and will know that their views are valued and appreciated.

Kennedy House School Students on Remembrance Day
Visting Tinga Tinga Workshop with Kennedy House school trip Tanzania
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