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Kennedy House International School is a leading international primary school for pupils aged 2-13.


Our school is situated on a stunning campus in Usa RIver, a 30-minute drive from Arusha. Many of our families enjoy the benefits of living in Usa River and we also operate a daily door-to-door minibus service for those who live in Arusha.

We hope that our website gives you a flavour of our wonderful school and we would be delighted to welcome you to Kennedy House to see for yourself the education that we offer.

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When I look back at a previous summary all about our school which I wrote back in 2017; I spoke of many exciting changes and additions to what was already an exemplary school and education. Well, this continues to be the case and I think the consistent refurbishments, buildings, additional highly qualified and motivated staff, new resources, new subjects added into our curriculum and new afternoon activities, including woodwork and recycling to name a few, really does epitomize where we have come from and where we are going… that we are in fact ever growing and developing. We strive to always do better, provide more and instill in our children a pride in our many achievements, which are done together, as part of a team; to believe in a purpose greater than ourselves and to always give back. We believe that our children are gaining confidence every day allowing them to try new things and work hard to achieve their goals. 

We have focused a great deal on community projects, supporting our neighbours and taking the time to learn from and care for those less fortunate than ourselves. Our team of children, teachers and parents have led rubbish clean ups around the local community and our recycling program is proving to be more and more popular and at the very least we can say that we are doing some good in caring for our environment. Our parents and children have taken on a greater responsibility for not only being more aware of how we travel, what we buy and what we eat; but are leading by example and showing our children that we can make a difference by actioning changes…sharing lifts to school, riding our bikes, being conscious of buying local and avoiding single use plastics, planting trees and educating others! 

There is such an incredible feeling of community here at Kennedy House that the pages of our website can only begin to capture – it is palpable when you are here on our school grounds. We are surrounded by nature, space and beauty. This truly is a magical place to be and our children could not be anything but happy, motivated and driven to succeed.


We have had many social events from our infamous and very popular outdoor family film nights, quiz evenings, wine and cheese tasting for the adults, and of course our regular morning assemblies and class productions, which our children take great pride in doing.


Our learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls have far exceeded our expectations this year. We had a class of children summiting Mount Meru – what an experience to be having at age 11-12 years old – what a sense of achievement and confidence will they have as a result! We had another class exploring the beauty of Karatu and extending their learning on population growth and settlements and the impact of both on our local environment. They spent time with the Maasai and hiked along the Migombani plateau. Our Year 5 class travelled around the Monduli region. They looked at the impact of erosion and sustainable land use. Our school really is all about allowing children to learn through real life experiences and to mould them into becoming global citizens. Kennedy House is all about developing the whole child.


'Confidence for Life' is so important, and we believe this confidence allows our pupils to succeed in all areas of School life. The confidence that Kennedy House instils in its pupils is one that comes from understanding themselves: knowing their strengths and weaknesses so they are able to build on the former and work for on the latter.

Confidence comes from having a clear sense of right and wrong; the confidence to be one's own person means the ability to make the right choice rather than the expedient one. Confidence comes from experience; from having tried, failed and learned from the setback


Confidence comes from preparation; the knowledge that pupils have put in the effort before an exam, a fixture or a concert so that they are ready for the challenge when it arrives. Confidence comes from an understanding of others; an awareness of people as individuals, with a diversity to be celebrated.

Although we are a small school, we are big in ambition. We want our pupils to leave us as mature and responsible young men and women, imbued with the skills required to tackle the challenges of the 21st century whilst retaining a sense of traditional values, which are timeless. We are proud of our school and of what our children achieve on a daily basis.

In the meantime, please watch the short video above which gives you a feel for our idyllic site.

Frances Charters, Headmistress of Kennedy House International School, Arusha, Tanzania




Frances Charters,

Head of School


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  • We pride ourselves on our caring and supportive atmosphere in an outstanding rural setting.

  • We have small class sizes (1:12) and a highly qualified and experienced staff from the UK, USA, South Africa and Tanzania.

  • We provide a tailored curriculum which allows our pupils to be well prepared for senior schools in the UK or for international schools around the world.

  • We have outstanding facilities on our beautiful 20-acre campus, including a 25m swimming pool, tennis and netball courts, pitches for football, rugby and hockey, a science lab, music and art rooms and a performance space for drama.

  • We run a comprehensive sports and co-curricular programme, with a full fixture list that offers all children the opportunity to represent their school at sport, and an activities programme for physical, creative and cerebral interest alike.

  • We offer a family friendly school day, with drop off from 7.45am and activities until 4pm. We operate a daily door-to-door minibus service to Arusha.


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As you will see from this video of Year 1 pupils, Kennedy House children have the confidence to speak their minds and articulate their thoughts.
The children are at the centre of everything we do here at Kennedy House. They help us bring focus to our teaching and always keep us on our toes with their wisdom and wit which constantly surprise us every school day.
Here we asked Year 1 for their thoughts on all kinds of things. With the help of a parent, they produced this thoughtful video which gives a flavour, not only for the minds that we are nurturing but also for their wonderful sense of humour...

Kennedy House International School

Usa River,


PO Box 350   

​Tel: +255 (0) 689119788 

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