Bryan Davidson

Year 7 & 8 (KS3) Science Teacher and School P.E. and Swimming Coach
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (BSc)
South Africa

Bryan Davidson

Where have you worked before joining Kennedy House?

I have taught in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  The majority of this time spent teaching in a secondary school boarding environment.

Why did you choose teaching as a career and what do you try to instill in your pupils?

My A-Level Biology teacher planted that seed for me, when just before leaving school Mrs. Bartrop said, "Bryan, I think you'd be a good teacher".  I try to instill a life-long interest in the subject as well as curiosity (now known as critical thinking).

Apart from your teaching role, what else do you get involved with at the school?

Sports.  Any and all, however I am most often poolside.

In your opinion, what makes Kennedy House special?

Its size; few schools have the benefit of amazing teacher/student ratios.  I feel we have the best chance to know our students well.

Who or what inspires you?

My family and the strength that they have shown me over the years.

Tell us something that not a lot of people know about you.

I like to sing.